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Board of Trustees Goals

  1. To be more attentive in all attendance areas
    • Attend extra-curricular activities.
    • Attend parent / teacher conferences.
    • Attend programs and banquets held in the District.
    • Board members will communicate with administrators the best times to view classes as to not disrupt daily instruction.
  • Evidence of Accomplishment:
    • Board member will visit a function or activity for each school at least once per year.


  1. CCSD#2 Board of Trustees will review the Board Evaluation Process (Board Governance Policy Tab 1.01-E1) to ensure board is focusing on relevant duties and responsibilities for the District.
    • Board members will reivew Board Governance Policy 1.01-E1 and be prepared to make suggestions.
    • The Board will discuss and review Board Governance Policy 1.01-E1 at the September 16, 2019 Board Work Session held at Saratoga Elementary School in Saratoga.
  • Evidence of Accomplishment:
    • Board will discus / review and make changes if deemed necessary to Board Governance Policy Tab 1.1 – Board Member Commitment Exhibit (1.1 – E1( at the September Work Session.))


Adopted informally at Board Workshop: 05/20/2019