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It is the Goal of Carbon County School District 2, to increase the number of concurrent courses available to students. BOCES is seeking teachers interested in becoming endorsed to teach college level courses. We are seeking teachers for core areas such as Math, Science, and Language arts, as well as career and technical courses.

What are the requirements for endorsement?

This can vary a little but is generally as follows:

Concurrent Faculty Selection Process

In order to teach concurrent course In order to teach career and technical courses
Master's degree or higher in content area


Master's degree or higher in any area and 18 graduate level credits in the content area
Bachelor's degree and 18 graduate credit hours in the content area Bachelor's degree in content area 


Demonstrated expertise in teaching content area
Application may proceed With college approval Application may proceed
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VPAA and Divsion Review Credentials
Vice President of Academic Affairs/Director of Distance Education, Dean of the content area, and the BOCES Coordinator discuss candidate’s credentials and experience. Part of the review can be a face-to-face, virtual, or telephone meeting to inquire about knowledge and expertise in the area.
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The Dean of the content area informs the Director of Distance Education/Dual Credit Program of the decision to approve or disapprove the candidate. Director of Distance Education/Dual Programs informs the candidate and BOCES coordinator of the decision. If the candidate is approved, a meeting between division and candidate must occur to agree upon syllabus and assessment.
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Common Syllabus and Assessment Discussion
A common course syllabus is provided for the instructor to model their syllabus. Each of the agreed upon competencies and assessments must be in the instructor’s syllabus. A copy of the instructor’s syllabus will be distributed to the Director of Dual Credit Programs/Director of Distance Education, the division secretary, and to each student enrolled the course.

If I’m interested, but I need additional college coursework to be endorsed, is there funding available to help pay for tuition?

Yes, there is available funding through the Wyoming Community College Commission, and also through CCSD 2 BOCES.

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Non-Discrimination Notice

Carbon County School District No. 2 does not discriminate on the basis of “race, color, national origin, sex, or gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, physical or mental disability, age, political affiliation, religion, genetic information or belief on relation to admission, treatment of students, access to programs and activities, or terms and conditions of employment." Inquiries concerning Title VI, Title IX and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or ADA may be referred to the Civil Rights/504/ADA Coordinator: Robin Brown, CARBON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 2, PO Box 1530, Saratoga, Wyoming 82331, 307-326-5271; the Wyoming Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights Coordinator, 2nd Floor, Hershler Building, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002-0050, 307-777-6198; or Office of Civil Rights, Region VIII, U.S. Department of Education, Federal Office Building, Suite 310, 1244 Speer Blvd., Denver Colorado 80204-3582, TDD 303-844-3544.