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Testing and Career Exploration


Career Exploration

Planning for your future can be overwhelming and scarry. If does not have to be; use these resources and the counselor to assist in exploring ideas, developing a plan, and following a path toward your future success.

Deciding what you want to do for a career or what you want to major in college can be an extremely difficult decision. The following resources can assist in your decision process.

  • Learn how to become- Explore different careers.
  • Explore Careers- Another career exploring site.
  • Career One Stop-Interest and skill inventories.
  • Wyoming Admissions Officers – Planning Days
  • On to College- A site that HEM has purchased that can help with test prep as well as College Planning.
  • KuderNavigator – Wondering what you want to do post high school? Use this site to help narrow down the possibilities. See your school counselor for a username/password.
  • Holland Code Quiz – This system classifies jobs into job categories, interest clusters, or work personality environments. These categories represent work personalities. Use this quiz to determine what jobs or careers may fit your personality.
  • Quick Find Career – Short Career Finder offered by the government. Answer the questions and it will give you some ideas about careers.
  • Career Profiles – Careers, career search information, career descriptions, career education and job search guide for aspiring career professionals and career change.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook – A classic reference about occupations from A to Z. Compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Includes a description of the work, training, education, etc. The Handbook is revised every two years.
  • O*Net Online – A tool for career exploration and job analysis. Contains detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers.
  • Wyoming At Work – Check out Wyoming at Work to search for Wyoming job opportunities.
  • WyoTech – Free tool for career exporation. See your school counselor for promo code.
  • Live Career – Career tool, job search and career advice.
  • WHO DO U WANT 2B – Lists career pathways and salary ranges. Watch videos of students making a living at jobs they enjoy.
  • Your Free Career Test – This free career test is free for anyone. School districts use the test for middle and high school students. Colleges use the test as well to help potential students with their career exploration before choosing a degree. Workforce centers also find it useful when working with adults who are considering a career change.
  • Wyoming Career Coach - The state of Wyoming has partnered with Emsi-Boots to provide not only students but adults in finding a career path. The site is geared towards jobs/careers for the State of Wyoming. 
  • – ACT related search for different options.

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