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Purpose of Grant

The Title IV-A grant has three distinct, yet varied funding purposes: well-rounded education, safe and healthy schools, and effective uses of technology.  This grant can also be thought of as funding for school counselors to support students.  This includes for CCSD2:

  • Concurrent/Dual Enrollment for students
  • Social Emotional Learning funding (to benefit students)
  • Drug/violence/bullying/harassment/suicide/self-harm prevention
  • Relationship building, positive behavioral interventions support (PBiS)
  • School-based mental health services
  • PD in the use of technology
  • Technology infrastructure

Determining Use of Title IV-A Funds

CCSD2 primarily uses school counselor input to help determine the use of Title IV-A funds, but can also consider input from: 

  • Students
  • Parents/community members
  • Teachers
  • Results from the annual District Needs Assessment Survey
  • District Administrative Team discussions and determinations
  • Input from the district’s Technology department

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