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Literacy Program Description

For an elementary literacy program, Carbon County School District No. 2 uses Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s comprehensive English Language Arts program Journeys.  All district K-5 classrooms use this program to teach to the Wyoming Content and Performance standards with fidelity.  In addition to pacing guides already supplied with the program, teachers at CCSD2 are developing curriculum maps that accurately showcase separate units, learning goals, alignment to standards, assessments, etc.  Most of this work is done through grade-level PLC meetings, and each group has also undertaken processes to select prioritized standards and assemble functioning proficiency scales to track student performance and growth.

In grades 6-8, CCSD2 uses HMH’s comprehensive ELA program Collections to build upon the program effectiveness of the Journeys counterpart.   The Collections program is also aligned to the Wyoming Content and Performance standards, and supplies district teachers with pacing guides.  Much like their elementary counterparts, secondary ELA PLC groups are developing curriculum maps for Collections, and have also selected prioritized standards and built proficiency scales. 

For secondary ELA grades 9-12, curriculum maps aligning content to Wyoming standards already exist, as well as prioritized standards, proficiency scales, and various assessments.

In regards to writing, the Journeys and Collections programs incorporate built-in writing instruction, and the secondary grade 9-12 teachers have district-wide, standardized curriculum for continued development of student writing skills.  In addition to this, in 2019 CCSD2 purchased the writing supplemental program Step Up to Writing for grades K-8 to provide teachers with additional writing instruction tools.

For more information, please refer to district documentation that collects curriculum mapping, prioritized (power standards), proficiency scales, and the following table.

Group Grade / Subject Curriculum Maps Power Standards Proficiency Scales Curriculum Programs Team Drive Link
Elementary Kindergarten ELA ELA ELA HMH Journeys Kindergarten
1st Grade ELA ELA ELA HMH Journeys 1st Grade

2nd Grade

ELA ELA ELA HMH Journeys 2nd Grade
3rd Grade ELA Unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ELA ELA HMH Journeys 3rd Grade
4th Grade ELA ELA ELA HMH Journeys 4th Grade
5th Grade ELA Unit 1, 2, 3, 4 ELA ELA HMH Journeys 5th Grade
6th Grade ELA Unit 1, 2, 3, 4 ELA ELA Amplify ELA 6th Grade
Secondary ELA 7-12 7-12 Grade Maps 7-8 7th Grade Amplify ELA ELA
8th Grade
9-12 9th Grade (See Maps)
10th Grade (See Maps)
11th Grade (See Maps)
12th Grade (See Maps)