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Mission, Vision & Goals


To Prepare Students for the 21st Century with Engaging, Challenging, and Innovative Instruction.

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Prepared – Productive – Proficient
Excellence – Everyday – Everyone




Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement

  • All students will be proficient in reading, writing and math.
  • All students will meet or exceed growth targets in reading and math.
  • All students will graduate from high school.
  • All students will be provided engaging, challenging and innovative instruction to create independent learners.

Goal 2: Social Growth

  • All staff and students will model ethical behavior and encourage others
    • Measured by: a) Honesty; b) Integrity; c) Fair Treatment; d) Respect
  • All stakeholders will work and communicate collaboratively to promote: trust, understanding, and building partnerships.

Goal 3: Effective and Efficient Procedures

  • Staff will consistently implement the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards.
  • Develop a process to assist students to become self-directed learners as they monitor, evaluate, and set personal targets in order to reach long term goals.
  • Process for determining, developing, and delivering staff development.
  • Standardized hiring process for acquiring district matched personnel.
  • Process for mentoring growth of personnel in reaching distinguished level of performance.


Operational Principles


  • Works together for common goals.
  • Communicates
  • Contributes in a positive manner
  • Explores diverse ideas
  • Asks clarifying questions
  • Supports group decisions
  • Looks beyond self-interests
  • Reflects upon decisions
  • Establishes personal relationships of trust

Work Ethic – Intergrity

  • Courage to speak and act truthfully
  • Maintain trust
  • Honest with self and others


  • Accepts responsibilities
  • Manages time and resources
  • Monitors one’s own progress
  • Holds one accountable for achieving expected results
  • Reflects upon one’s own progress or growth


  • Responsive to new and diverse perspectives
  • Acts on creative ideas with the intent to make tangible and useful contributions
  • Learns from mistakes and others
  • Visualizes
  • Solves problems using multiple strategies
  • Thinks outside the box


  • Demonstrates listening skills
  • Comprehends written and oral text or dialogue
  • Asks clarifying questions
  • Utilizes technology and other forms of communication (verbal, written, models, non-linguistic, etc.)
  • Applies research skills and communicates learning
  • Respects diversity and other’s view points


Strategic Plan
Updated Spring 2018

Goal 1 Increase Student Achievement

  • Campuses will conduct regular Data Meetings during which student achievement data will be analyzed.
  • Professional Learning Communities are established Districtwide and within each School.
  • School Improvement Plans are reviewed and updated each year after analyzing recent data (annually).
  • Schools will develop a District Assessment System – and will use assessment data to improve student achievement.
    • School wide interventions will be used/developed to catch students up. (i.e. - RTI Tier 1, 2, 3 interventions for students)
  • Professional Development programs will be provided using staff needs assessment surveys and based on goals of the District. Staff will be allowed to attend various staff development with prior approval.
  • The District will continue adoption of new curriculum programs that align with State Standards.
  • Each school will use/develop/improve Parent communication efforts (website, newsletters, etc.).
  • Schools will use Schoology as a student management program, which includes logins for teachers, students, and parents.
  • Early Childhood and kindergarten readiness programs will be utilized in partnership with the Pre-Schools and community partners.
  • ACT preparation programs will be provided and in partnership with community partners.
  • The District will offer various curriculum opportunities for Students. (i.e. Solid-modeling, dual-credit/college courses, music, art, PE)
  • Job and career exploration activities will continue.
  • Differentiated instruction will continue to be used to effectively promote student achievement.
  • The District will use/develop common assessments (District Assessment System).
  • Curriculum Mapping/Pacing will continue to be an ongoing process in the District.
  • Small class sizes will effect student achievement in a positive way by allowing for individualization.
  • The District will use Consultants from outside of the district as needed.
  • The District will analyze staffing based on student needs when hiring additional staff. (i.e. - Social Worker)
  • ELL Program will be provided as needed.
  • The District encourages National Board Certification for Teachers.
  • The District encourages PTO’s as an effective communication opportunity and support for schools.

Goal 2: Social Growth

  • The District provides and encourages participation in various extra-curricular activities.
  • School Principals and Counselors promote social growth through use of various programs: (i.e. - 8 Keys; Family’s within schools; Community service projects)
  • Health Services are provided to our students. (i.e. Screenings; Social Programs provided by School Nurses)
  • The District encourages building relationships with students/community through personal interaction: (i.e. - Community Gardens; After-school activities/events; Senior Citizens lunches)
  • Collaboration among staff who teach different subjects/grades that provide cross-curricular growth for students is encouraged.
  • Professional Development is provided on social topics. (i.e. drug use, suicide, peer relationships)
  • Student and staff mentor programs are provided.
  • Early childhood and kindergarten readiness programs are in place.
  • Crisis prevention teams are in place at each School.
  • Social Skill Groups activities are provided as needed in each School.
  • Field Trips are supported in order to provide learning opportunities for students.
  • Booster Clubs are in place to support students through various projects/activities.

Goal 3: Effective and Efficient Procedures

  • Professional Learning Communities are in place district-wide and within each school.
  • Curriculum Mapping is an ongoing effort.
  • District Assessment System development is a continuing effort across the District.
  • Learning Targets are posted in classrooms.
  • Professional Development is designed based on staff input and District needs/goals.
    • Feedback from staff after each professional development activity and an annual staff survey in spring.
  • A Committee approach is used for curriculum adoption/development.
  • Attendee feedback is provided to trainers who provide professional development.
  • A Committee approach is used for the hiring process.
  • A District Mentoring Program is in place for new Teachers and others depending on Principal recommendations.
  • A Walk-Through Observation system is used District-wide and data is used to increase Teacher effectiveness.
  • Peer observation opportunities are provided for Teachers.
  • Subject, Grade-level PLC meeting opportunities are provided.
    • Video conferencing (to decrease travel time) and Face-to-face meetings (sometimes scheduled)
  • A new District/School Website has been implemented to help communicate procedures and Policies to stakeholders.
  • Crisis Prevention Improvement each year based experience.
  • Student-led Parent/Teacher Conferences are used as tools at some schools to increase attendance.