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Kindergarten Readiness Workshops

Is your soon-to-be Kindergartner ready for the new adventure of school?

Are you as a parent ready for the new adventure?

It’s ok if the answer is no. We have all been there! This is a grand adventure, that promotes learning and independence! At BOCES we have partnered with our amazing Kindergarten staff to provide a program that will prepare us all for our littles going off to school! This program helps to ensure that the transition from home or pre-school into kindergarten is a success!

In a statewide initiative to increase kindergarten readiness skills of incoming kindergarten students, the state of Wyoming appropriated $640,000 in funds for early childhood readiness programs throughout the state. The BOCES in conjunction with Carbon County School District #2 applied, and was awarded a grant to help increase the foundational skills of our incoming kindergarten students. Currently about 30% of incoming kindergarten students in Carbon County School District # 2 score below bench mark standards on early assessments. It is the goal of this program to reduce that number significantly.

Through collaboration of early childhood educators, teachers, and community professionals, throughout the district a set of important criteria was developed.  Beyond telling parents and caregivers what their incoming student should be doing, collaborators wanted to give parents ideas, tools, and skills, to work on to help develop these criteria, so the kindergarten readiness workshops were developed.

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten 2023-2024

Find out what skills your child needs to know at our monthly workshops!

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What resources are available to me as a parent of a kindergarten student?

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